Macaron Mania

They are pastel bites that melt on the tongue and make the mouth sing, delightful confections currently taking the dessert world by storm, macarons. They are sweet meringue-based cookies made with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar and almond flour.  Then can be further embellished by food coloring and exotic flavorings and are commonly sandwiched…

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Zeppole: Fritters to Honor Fathers

Buon Onomastico, Happy Name Day, a common augurio if you happen to bear the name of a celebrated saint, and if that name is Giuseppe, it is one of the most recognized and exalted in Italy.  Not only those named Joseph are honored, but all fathers as well, as March 19th is observed as the…

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Zest for Zuppa

The fine folks at Aurora Importing are always working hard at sourcing out and delivering the highest quality Italian foods to Canadians.  Their latest product line, Allessia Zuppa, is one that you will definitely want to stock your pantry with.  They are the perfect choice for families wanting a healthy delicious and convenient soup alternative.…

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Menu Mimosa

The mimosa, unmistakable symbol for the La Festa Della Donna, International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th.  The tradition of distributing the bright yellow branch dates back to 1946, in Italy when the Unione Donna Italiana chose it to be the bloom representative of the March 8th Celebrations.  The success of the Mimosa as an…

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Spread the Happy

Breakfast seems like it was made for Nutella with so many delectable vehicles upon which to impart the chocolate hazelnut goodness of the beloved spread.  In your coffee, with fruit, on cookies or crackers, toast, waffles, bagels, muffins and last but not least, pancakes.  So what better way to celebrate National Pancake Day then by…

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