In Pursuit of Pumpkin

While I consider myself to be a summer girl and wish that the bright skies, warm weather, and sun-kissed glows of the season could last forever, there are certain elements of the autumnal equinox that appeal to my senses.  The gloriously colorful palette gifted to us by Mother Nature; the opportunity to gather with loved…

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The Great Italian Tasting

Each November, Italians commemorate the feast of San Martino, taking in the fleeting days of the fall season and celebrating vino novella (new wine).   How fitting that the Italian Trade Commission celebrated their 19th annual showcase of Italian wines during this time frame.    Once again this year, Roy Thompson Hall was the venue for…

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This Turkey is the Apple of My Eye

I have been a passionate cook from the time I was a little girl. I have fond memories of standing on a chair at the kitchen counter, alongside my father getting my little hands involved.  It was always such a treat to work alongside my father and witness his culinary creativity.  I have always attributed…

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