A Frightfully Good Lunch

We’ve all seen and probably even pinned to a board or two those fun food ideas that we’ve come across online courtesy of sites like Pinterest. While I would love to be able to turn all of my children’s lunches into playful pieces of art that will never happen. First off, I like most other…

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A Fun Twist on Funnel Cake

The harvest season always seems to beckon festivity. There are a multitude of fairs and festivals held near and far held during this time to celebrate the autumn yield. No matter the focus or the communities where they are held, these carnivals all share one similarity, fair food. Golden cobs of roasted corn; buttery popcorn;…

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Loving My Leftovers

You’ve planned, shopped and prepped to execute the perfect meal, whether for a formal dinner party to celebrate a special occasion or holiday, or a weeknight family meal. After said meals, there is sometimes and extra serving or two that remains, gets packed up in a reseal able container and banished to the depths of…

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A Little Pumpkin Goes A Long Way

I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like, especially once the fall rolls around and the color orange can be seen for miles in farmer’s patches. While the prominence of pumpkin spice prompts sweet incarnations of this seasonal staple, I equally enjoy it in savory servings. Inspired by a fellow foodie I picked up a…

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Pure Pear-fection

Often overlooked for the apple which finds its way into many a food and beverage during the harvest season, fall’s other fruit, the pear, deserves its place in the spotlight too.  Though not as bright and shiny (unless we’re talking the maroon tinted Anjou) they are certainly as sweet and versatile as their autumnal companions.…

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