A Frightfully Good Lunch

We’ve all seen and probably even pinned to a board or two those fun food ideas that we’ve come across online courtesy of sites like Pinterest. While I would love to be able to turn all of my children’s lunches into playful pieces of art that will never happen. First off, I like most other mothers, simply don’t have that many hours in the day and I would prefer to spend quality time with my daughters instead of spending time carving rosebuds out of apples. Second, I don’t think children need to have their every feast made fancy, they should learn to appreciate food in its natural and unaltered state. And lastly, if those cutesy concoctions find their way into their lunchboxes every single day then they lose their whimsical appeal and are no longer special.

Having said that though there are sometimes occurrences of stylized school lunches, and what better occasion that that of celebrating Halloween. I will scare up a few extra minutes to trick up some of my food and create a fun treat for my girls. Cyber space is crawling with ideas for creepy creations but my goal, keep it simple and healthy. After perusing options ranging from fetching to frightful, the menu to be gobbled up by my little goblins will consist of: banana ghosts and tangerine pumpkins; Jack-O-Lantern sandwiches; and witch’s broomstick snacks, all made with relative ease.

For the ghosts, cut a banana in half and use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. The pumpkins consist of a peeled tangerine with a small piece of celery acting as the stem. A set of cookie cutters transforms an ordinary ham and cheese sandwich into a smiling squash; and the idea for the broomsticks takes flight using pretzel sticks and cheese strings. Not a laborious lunch by any means, but frightfully good in the eyes (and tummies) of my little ones. Buon Appetito!

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