meCiao my name is Jenny Arena, born Canadian, but Italian at heart.  The daughter of Southern Italian immigrants who instilled in me at a very young age, my appreciation of food.  Not the fine dining, five-star cusine found in Michelin rated restaurants (which by the way I also happen to adore), but rather that of the humble Calabrian kitchen.  The kitchen where ingredients were simple, yet delectable, often home grown but always abundant and where friends and family alike would gather around a table to break bread, sip wine, and enjoy eachothers’ company.

My love affair with food began as a child and has grown and matured with me into adulthood.  My schooling began by observing my father in the kitchen, continued with watching cooking shows on PBS, expanded to the Food Network, a countless number of cookbooks and classes and has graduated to frequent entertaining with guests gathered around my kitchen table.  A dash of my passion has even sprinkled itself into my career, where as an event manager, I am fortunate enough to work with caterers to plan menus and sample party selections.

Also, a wife and mother in my own rite, I have truly come to appreciate the value of a family meal and am hoping to instill in my twin daughters, the same adoration that I have for what is on my plate, and create for them, fond food memories.

While the cuisine of my parents’ homeland is the one that holds the fondest place in my heart, I have developed a passion for food that spans across the continents.  Whether homemade or created by a famed chef, this foodie enjoys having her tastebuds tickled by worldly delights and my aim is to share my adventures  in food with all of you.

Buon Appetito!


  1. Louise Scaini-Jojic Reply

    Hello Jenny: Fortunately, I got your name via Romina Monaco. I also am fascinated with food. I was involved with Gianni Ceschia in organizing cooking classes at the Fogolar in Woodbridge. Maria Pace and I also coauthored a cookbook in the 90’s which included a collection of recipes from a North American immigrant. I’m actually more interested in cookbooks than actually trying out new recipes. In fact at the end of the month, a friend and I will be starting a ‘cookbook club’ in which we’ll be reviewing different cookbooks, trying recipes and reporting the findings to the group. I’m really excited about it.

    Looking forward to viewing your blog. take care, Louise

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