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Bauli Cappuccio Zuccotto

Whenever I am Italy my morning routine consists of a cappuccio (short for cappuccino) and cornetto (croissant).  It’s the perfect morning wake-up and a wonderful combination of flavors; a soft, sweet croissant filled with crema accompanied by a warm brew of strong espresso and frothy milk.  As any good Italian knows its sacrilege to order…

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Skillet Scallions and Eggs

*Photos courtesy of Frank Mazzuca Warren Buffet once said, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and he was right; you shouldn’t put them all in a basket but rather you should put them in a skillet and cook them up Calabrese style for a simple and delicious dish. Earlier this week I spent…

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Growing Photography Skills at the Farm

I had the wonderful opportunity recently to visit Plan B Organic Farms in Hamilton.  I was there not to farm but rather, to take part in a photography workshop. A farmhouse kitchen might seem like an unlikely classroom setting but in the words of Elliot Erwitt “Photography is an art of observation…it has little to…

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The Stop Night Market 2017

*Header image from Canadian Architect Magazine Guest post by Denise K. Livotti of Petits Chefs Academy I had the pleasure this year to be invited to The Stops Night Market 2017, (please see the hashtag #TheStopNM for all posted pictures and information) charity event, supporting food initiatives and food programs in the Greater Toronto Area, and I…

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Nonna Carmela’s Melangiani Chini

Melangiani chini, dialect for a southern Italian staple, stuffed eggplants. I have eaten countless numbers of these growing up and the mere smell of these vegetable delights turning golden brown in a frying pan conjures up wonderful memories of unforgettable moments. I don’t know of any Calabrese woman, nonna or otherwise, who doesn’t have this…

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Living Italian with Mary Giuliani

You’ve seen her show off her entertaining skills as a regular contributor on the Rachel Ray Show as well as through the corporate catering business she operates with Celebrity Chef Mario Batali, she is Mary Giuliani, caterer to the starts. Mary creates parties for the crème de la crème of the art, fashion and entertainment…

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Soppressata Saturday

*header image from There is a famous quote attributed to German aristocrat Otto von Bismarck stating “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made“.  While I agree it is not the prettiest process, I disagree that it should go unseen or for that matter untested.  My reasoning is twofold:…

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Pasties for St. Paddy’s

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said “there is no sincerer love, than the love of food”.  His famous words could very well be my personal slogan for I am truly consumed with a passion for food that encompasses a global spectrum. While my truest fondness will always be Italian food, I do enjoy taking…

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Chiaccherie: What’s all the chatter about?

Carnevale, a time of celebration and indulgence, where masquerades and merriment take precedence and when the expression “fare due chiaccherie” takes on a whole new meaning. Many holidays in Italy are usually accompanied by culinary tradition, and Carnevale is no exception.  During this mardi gras period in the peninsula, delightful sweet, crispy strips known as…

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