Michael’s on Simcoe has Made its Mark

Elegant and glamorous dining; sleek and stylish ambient lounging with a twist; and artistic and appetizing menu selections.  These characteristics are may not be the first that come to mind when coming up with descriptors for a steakhouse, Michael’s on Simcoe however, is reshaping the way people think of a steak and seafood establishment. Superbly…

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Moschino Loves DiSaronno

Do you have a fashionista on your holiday gift list?  If so, head on over to the LCBO for the perfect gift, a special edition, stylish sipper.  Two iconic Italian brands have partnered to create Moshino loves Disaronno.  Amaretto Disaranno recently got a makeover by fashion house Moschino for an unforgettable and elegant fundraising project. …

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A Divine Experience at Church Aperitivo Bar

Last week, while in discussion with visitors from Italy, we reminisced about some of the experiences that are uniquely Italian, experiences that we wish could translate to the North American culture. Things like: morning conversation and cappuccino at the local caffe bar; enjoying a glass of wine with lunch, in the company of friends; and, the…

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