Say it with a Kiss

“Ogni grande amore comincia con un Bacio ~ Every great love begins with a kiss” A kiss can be romantic and passionate; loving and warm or sinful, indulgent and made out of chocolate. The Bacio is one of Italy’s most beloved confections and although the dark chocolate and hazelnut kiss can be gifted at any…

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Cusine & Confessions

Take nine circus art performers, combined with amazing aerials, eclectic music and riveting recollections about food, allowing them to be interactive and engage for 90 minutes and you’ve got the recipe for one incredible performance. Cuisine and Confessions, the latest production from The 7 Fingers is truly a feast for the senses combining their trademark…

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Chestnuts: The Heart of the Hearth

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…..”The famed opening lines of the carol sung so beautifully by crooner Bing Crosby; painting a picture of warmth and comfort.  It is this familiar line that I call to mind at this time of year as crackling fires pop chestnuts at the hearth. Although the marroni can be enjoyed…

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Listening: A Key Lunch Ingredient

While Pinterest would have us believe that bonsai shaped broccoli, storm trooper sandwiches and apple roses are key when it comes to packing school lunches, I have found that the key ingredient, when it comes satisfying the two little stomachs that I pack meals for, is the act of listening.   Defined as, giving attention with…

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