Crunch to the Beat with Coconut Chips

Like everyone, I try to incorporate healthy habits into my diet.  I drink plenty of water, I have tried to cut down on my caffeine and I try to incorporate wholesome foods into my meals and snacks.  One such item, organic coconut chips from Prana Organic.

The chips are dry roasted and are available in four dancing flavors to crunch to the beat:  Classic (unseasoned, original chips); Jive (spicy chili flavor); Charleston (made with BBQ seasoning); and Hula (seasoned with sea salt and pepper).  The area a great alternative to traditional potato chips, these crunch, tasty and satisfying coconut chips not only make a delicious snack, but also a nice addition to several different recipes.  While I enjoyed the crispy coconut strips straight out of the bag, I also made use of them a few different ways.

Coconut Breakfast    Coconut dessert

The Classic chips added a sweet bite to my breakfast when combined with bran buds and fresh fruit in my morning yogurt bowl.  They also added a nice finish over chocolate pudding, adding a little flare to dessert.  The Hula chips chopped and combined with panko made the perfect coating for baked coconut shrimp which I served over a salad with a tropical twist.  Baby arugula leaves, mango pieces, toasted cashews and the Jive chips dressed with a lime vinaigrette.

Coconut Shrimp

Delicious, versatile and healthy, these coconut chips are worth stocking the pantry with.  Buon Appetito!


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