Nonna Isn’t The Only One That Loves Mutti

Mention Mutti in Italy and it will undoubtedly be identified as one of the country’s most trusted and beloved brands.  For more than a century this family run company from Emilia Romagna has been “bringing the best out of every tomato” to produce its exceptional product line.  Praised by many a nonna in the bel paese for its freshness in taste and texture, the brand with a longstanding tradition of taste and constant innovation has expanded its horizons and set its sights on North America.

Mutti Menu

In true Italian fashion Mutti (distributed in Canada by Italpasta Limited) made its way onto the Canadian cooking scene by showcasing its full range of tomatoes with nonnas at the helm.  I had the pleasure of attending the “Cooking with Nonna” launch event recently held at Dish Cooking Studio, where not only was I privy to some of Nonna  Mutti’s best culinary secrets; but had the opportunity to make pasta with my adopted nonna for the afternoon.


Owner and CEO, Francesco Mutti was present, and provided a wonderful account of the company’s history, evolving from the family farms in Parma to a world-class industrial company, while still maintaining its commitment to quality and producing the best canned tomatoes.  To further attest to its wonderfully fresh flavor and versatility, a five-course meal made with Mutti products, prepared by the company’s head chef, Carlo Casoni. An incredible array ranging from antipasti to desserts, artfully prepared, challenged my expectations of canned tomatoes.


We began by sipping on a smoothie made with tropical fruit and the Mutti passata, followed up by an appetizer of pizzette made with the pizza sauce.  As the starter for our meal we enjoyed potato crisps with cheese mousse and Mutti double tomato paste, balsamic pearls and chives, accompanied by a “cotoletta” of pelati (peeled tomatoes) breaded cutlet style, and marinated peeled tomatoes with arugula pesto and Parmigiano shaving.


Under the watchful eyes of our nonne, we cranked out tagliatelle which were served with Bolognese sauce as part of our pasta course, alongside tortelli stuffed with Mutti cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.  Next, a main course consisting of Mutti passata vellouté with salmon tartare, avocado and zucchini timbale with fennel.

Pasta Course

The most ingenious use of the pomodori came in the dessert course which featured crêpes with red pastry cream and sweet Mutti passata and coconut truffles with Mutti double tomato paste and cherry tomato jam.  Paired with an espresso, this was the perfect finish to Chef Carlo’s incredibly creative menu.

Main Course

Inspired by the company’s passion for the pomodoro I look forward to stocking my kitchen pantry with this wonderful product line, because nonna isn’t the only one who loves Mutti.  Buon Appetito!

Dessert Course

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