Nutella Face 2016: Celebrating the Art of Happiness

For over half a century Nutella has turned making people smile, into an art; and on February 5th smiles will be painted on the faces of Nutella lovers globally, in honor of World Nutella Day.

Our Nutella loving trio, Fables and Focaccia, Vanessa Galle Photography and Design Inc., and David f. Di Benedetto: Design, Creative & Art Direction, came together once again to craft a chocolate hazelnut flavored celebration in recognition of our favorite spread.  This year, we called on a few friends to lend their creative touch to the festivities.

the gropu

Who better to help celebrate “the art of happiness” than a collective of artists, sharing our passions day-to-day.  From the culinary arts; to that of engaging an audience through television, radio, print and social media; to the art of production and marketing through photography, videography and graphic design.

nutella Face


andrea and Ali

Ali Bidabadi – Producer and Director/Andrea Trentadue – Television Personality

This dynamic duo could easily bring Nutella into the spotlight and make it the star of their show.


Elvira Caria -Radio Personality, Voiceover Actor

For this former radio journalist Nutella is big news and she’ll stop at nothing to get scoop (or rather spread).


Fabio Gesufatto – Political Editor and top strategist for JO LEE Magazine

This magazine editor’s love of Nutella could easily make it as a cover story and carry over into a full page, double spread.


Frank Mazzuca – Graphic Designer, Photographer and Brand Manager

No matter how you slice it or serve it, this creative thinker, can only be branded as a Nutella lover.


Julia Suppa – Journalist, TV Host, Producer and Lifestyle Blogger

Simply stated ,this woman of many talents, thinks that Nutella is so super, it’s worth sharing.


Mike Soragnese – Creative Director & Producer for Render Media Inc.

This producer and creative director could easily cast Nutella in the leading role for his next video project

romina and tony

Tony Monaco -Radio Personality /Romina Monaco – Writer

Nutella is always on the top of the Monaco man’s play list while Romina could write volumes about her passion for the chocolate hazelnut spread

Happy World Nutella Day and be sure to put on your best Nutella Face!

*Special thanks to Façade Academy of the Arts for the Nutella label designs






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