Weslodge: A New Taste of the Old West in Toronto

As someone who grew up watching the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood onscreen (one of my father’s favorite genres of film), stepping inside Weslodge immediately reminded me of those old westerns.  With its dark wood interior, deer heads and weathered old photos mounted to the walls and swinging doors, it recreates in a modern and even upscale way, the old saloon.

The grub in this saloon would have those old cowboys hightailing out of the Wild West and heading into to Toronto for a carnivorous feast, which is exactly what I got to enjoy earlier this week.  This town may not be big enough for the both of us, but the Cutting Board at Weslodge Saloon certainly is, and any meat loving cowboy or cowgirl will be quick to draw a knife and fork to devour this bounty.

Created by Chef de Cuisine Kanida Chey “The Cutting Board” was designed as succulent cross-section of some of the establishments’ cuts of meat.  But before sinking my teeth into some choice cuts, I was treated to an enticing build up to the board.  I literally whet my appetite with a welcome cocktail, the “Barrel Aged Negroni” that was followed up with an exquisite take on the Scotch Egg made with chorizo and black truffle and served with a tangy tomato jam.  This delectable bite was followed up by the main attraction and main course, The Cutting Board.  A showcase of several meats deliciously arranged on butcher’s paper and a rustic wood board.

The following mouth-watering meats, make up the sumptuous board: slow roasted lamb ribs rubbed in a smoky, full-bodied coffee and bourbon mix and glazed in a sticky house made sauce and finished with a Sicilian pistachio crust; pork shoulder in an adobe-style marinade then slow roasted until it pulls apart; crispy hen, marinated in bourbon and cayenne pepper before being placed in sous vide and then coated in a buttermilk batter and fried; Muscovy duck meat that is seasoned and stuffed into casings to create an innovative duck sausage; and a Weslodge classic, 38 day dry-aged carved rib-eye.  The board is rounded out with an elevated version of mac n’ cheese made with orecchiette pasta in a creamy béchamel and buffalo ricotta cheese sauce; a Cuban slaw of apples, carrots and jicama; warm jalapeno biscuits and a unique condiment of beet mustard.  If that weren’t enough, the beautiful board was accompanied by wild mushroom and herb spatzle with lamb bacon and charred brussel sprouts tossed with house bacon.

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The meal ended off on a sweet note with the gorgeously plated “Instant Cake”.  Sumptuous bits of moist sponge poised a top olive oil pudding, sitting next to a sinful chocolate mousse with raspberries and edible flowers delicately strewn across.

This meal definitely satisfied the meat lover in me and all I can say is that if Chef Chey had been doing the cooking back in John Wayne’s day, the old west would’ve been won by The Cutting Board.  Buon Appetito!

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