Zest for Zuppa

The fine folks at Aurora Importing are always working hard at sourcing out and delivering the highest quality Italian foods to Canadians.  Their latest product line, Allessia Zuppa, is one that you will definitely want to stock your pantry with.  They are the perfect choice for families wanting a healthy delicious and convenient soup alternative.

Zuppa Con Ortaggi

Although these are in no way “instant” soup mixes, the ingredients in them have been carefully selected for nutrition, taste, variety and convenience. Just pour the contents of the package in a pot, add water and 30-40 minutes later you will be enjoying a warm healthy bowl of Italian goodness.

Risotto and Ossobuco

The new Allessia Zuppa line consists of Grande Zuppa con Ortaggi (a hearty blend of rice, split peas, lentils, mushrooms and other vegetables); Zuppa di Farro con Funghi Porcini (blend of spelt berries and dried porcini mushrooms); Zuppa di Orzo con Ortaggi (mix of barley and mixed vegetables); Risotto con Zafferano (organic Carnaroli rice combined with saffron); Risotto con Tartufo (organic Carnaroli rice combined with truffles); and Polenta Bianca al Tartufo (white polenta with truffles).

White Mushroom LasagneI was fortunate enough to sample several of these healthy, easy, convenient, and delicious products, using some traditionally and others as the base for some culinary creativity.  The Grande Zuppa con Ortaggi was the perfect winter warmer, ladled piping hot into a bowl topped with a generous grating of smoked ricotta and extra virgin olive oil with crusty Italian bread.  The Risotto con Zafferano also lent itself to a classic preparation as a beautiful yellow bed for succulent, slow simmered ossobuco, topped with a bright gremolata.

Italian Polenta Poutine

The polenta on the other was transformed into my version of Italian poutine.  Cooled and sliced into strips then grilled to crispy perfection, topped with a creamy mushroom and sirloin strip stir-fry then finished off with parmigiano shavings and a drizzle of white truffle oil. I was inspired to do something completely unconventional with the porcini zuppa and use it to make lasagne.  I simmered to the soup until it resembled a thick sauce and combined it with ground veal sautéed with porcini mushrooms, then proceeded to layer it with a combination of provolone, parmigiano and mozzarella cheeses, spinach and béchamel sauce.  The result, incredibly flavorful and robust white lasagne, served as Sunday lunch.

I truly enjoyed this new line of Allessia products which will now become staples in my kitchen like many of the other quality products that I have discovered thanks to Aurora Importing.  Buon Appetito!

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Credits: Product photos courtesy of Aurora Importing

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  1. Andres Reply

    I’m so impressed with the Italian poutine concept! I have to say I do love fries, but the polenta sticks sound like a nice twist to it… have you thought about making it with meatballs?

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