How Italy Does Italian: Italy at the Table

It is said that Italians embrace le gioie della tavola (the joys of the table), for it is in gathering around the table where warmth, joy and magic are created, in particular when it comes to what is on the plate.  Those joys were definitely evident recently at an event called “How Italy Does Italian: Italy at the Table”, an Italian food and wine delegation tour present by the Italian Trade Commission.

Made in Italy Outdoors

Organized in collaboration with eleven different agencies representing trade, commerce, agriculture, manufacturing, and of course food and drink, the event held at Toronto’s Liberty Grand brought together  30 food and 20 wine and beverage producers.  The purpose of the event was twofold; to showcase phenomenal products from the peninsula, as well as educate the North American market on designations of true Italian fare.   Tastings included: San Marzano DOP tomatoes; charcuterie; pasta; olive oil; coffee; canned and preserved foods; cheese and dairy products; fine bakery products; sauces and condiments; herbs, spices and seasonings; and wines and spirits.

Made in Italy

Some of the incredibly appetizing highlights for me included:

Fraccaro Pallini Product Gigi Ciccioli

  • An incredible amaretti array from the historical Virginia brand that included both soft and crunchy classic amaretti cookies along with pistachio, coffee, cranberry and lemon flavors as well
  • Briny and meaty olives from Bella di Cerignola
  • Earthy and fragrant olive oils from Cazzetta Olio
  • A luscious and certified organic milk caramel spread from Delixia
  • Savory Parmigiano, perfect Parma cotto and a nectarous balsamic from Ferrarini
  • A sensationally delicate Prosecco panettone from Fraccaro Spumadoro
  • Ciccioli from Gigi Il Salumificio that for me were completely reminiscent of our Calabrese salimori
  • Incredibly appetizing cured meats from Levoni which included a beautiful smoked salami
  • Organic farro (spelt) products from Luzi including pastas and cereals and a line of heat and eat spelt salads along with a flavorful fava bean pasta
  • Fresh tasting pestos, antipasti and bruschetta from Montalbano Industria Agroalimentare
  • Pure lemon juices and lemonades along with flavored oils and vinegars from Polenghi
  • Mouth-watering bresaola from the Salumificio Mottolini
  • A tantalizing and beautiful truffle infused salami from Salumificio Pedrazzoli whose packaging only enhances the beauty of the product
  • A taste of home with an entire line up of Calabrian creations from San Vincenzo which include nduja, spicy Crotonese cheese, ricotta affumicata (smoked ricotta) and a unique product known as Cacio Splanata Piccante which consists of a spicy soppressata tucked into caciocavallo cheese
  • Gluten-free corn pasta in a number of shapes including casareccia and anelli from SiciliaATavola
  • Tempting spreads which included a rich porcini mushroom spread and a spicy bruschetta Calabrese made with peppers and Tropea onions from Simens Alimentare
  • Extraordinary sea salts from Trapani by SoSalt
  • Aromatic espresso catering to the pods and capsules market from To.Da Caffe’
  • Buttery and creamy mozzarella from Valcolatte
  • Magnificent mortadella dotted with pistachio from Salumi Villani
  • Fun purees, cocktail mixes and syrups from Mixer
  • The most lovely limoncello from Pallini
  • Light and easy drinking wines from Fratelli Ponte Vini which are characterized by unique sketched labels that are meant to represent the stages of life
  • Distinct wines from Tonino Lamborghini whose hand stamped ceramic labels make them stand out
  • Bubbly and bright Prosecco and Moscato Spumante from Villa Degli Olmi whose wines are also characterized by uniquely shaped bottles

Luzi Pasta Levoni MortadellaAssorted Amaretti Virginia Cazzetta EVVO

I truly felt like I was back in the bel paese experiencing la dolce vita by the end of this extraordinary expo.  I will be certain to seek out the products that are currently available in Canada and hope that others will soon make their way onto store shelves as well.  Buon Appetito!

Photogrphy By: Vanessa Galle Photography and Design Inc

For full photo highlights visit:!/media/set/?set=a.900280200039663.1073741881.164665903601100&type=3

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