Anyone who has been following my blog or who knows me personally can attest my love for the chocolate and hazelnut spread known as Nutella. I have grown up enjoying this Italian pantry staple and have not only passed that love on to my own children, but to friends and followers alike. There is just something about embracing that little brown jar (or in my case a jumbo 5kg jar) and savoring a luscious spoonful that turns the lips up into a smile.


Smiles were prevalent recently at an event in celebration of World Nutella Day, co-hosted by myself and my creative counterparts David f. Di Benedetto: Design, Creative & Art Direction, and Vanessa Galle Photography and Design Inc. In partnership with Brookelynn Bistro we hosted #NutellaFace2015, a cocoa commemoration of our beloved spread. Guests in attendance showed off their happiest Nutella faces for photos featuring fun and fitting props such as oversized spoons, baguettes and jars of Nutella. They were also all smiles for the Nutella based menu that was curated for the event that appealed to both sweet and savoury sensibilities.

NutellaFace Menu

Curated by myself and Brookelynn Bistro with the collaboration of Continental Noodles and Wild Burger, the bill of chocolate hazelnut fare included: Fried Butternut Squash Ravioli with Nutella Sauce; Nutella arancini; Wild Boar Nutella Sliders; Plantain Nutella Springrolls; Mini Chicken and Nutella Focaccia Sandwiches; and Banana Nutella Waffles. In addition a Nutella spread station was set up where creativity became the key ingredient combined with an oversized jar of Nutella, several varieties of sliced breads courtesy of Cobs Bread, and an assortment of 21 different sweet and savory toppings such as sliced strawberries, toffee bits, dried fruit thins from Ely Products, Chile Pasillo sauce from No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce, diced pancetta, espresso cheese, and pink salt to name a few. Finally, to end the evening off on a sweet note, Nutella zeppole and fried Nutella bites from Sweet Boutique that paired with the Nutellaccinos being brewed and frothed at the bar.

Nutella spread station

On the evening of February 5th we raised our spoons in celebration to honor the legendary chocolate hazelnut cream, spread the love and celebrate happy things. Buon Appetito!


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  1. Teresa Reply

    Hi Jenny
    You once posted traditional Irish meat pies for st. paddys day and they looked so delicious. I would,love to make them for st. paddys day this year. I’ve looked through your website but can no longer find it. Can you share your recipe.
    Thanks so much! Love your posts ❤

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